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Thailand News - Our News Blog

We Deliver News Directly from Thailand

We are based in Thailand and want to offer a neutral news blog that describes current events in the country. We will be careful not to focus on personal opinions but instead provide factual news directly from Thailand, together with comments. The goal is to be fast, simple and accurate.

dateiconOctober 29, 2010

Pregnant Russian Shoplifter

A 25-year-old pregnant Russian woman was today clearly fond of a number of wallets, a purse and a snakeskin hat in a leather shop in Pattaya. She decided to take with them with her without paying a single baht.

The store staff thought her behavior was a little suspicious and it was revealed that she had tried to leave the store with unpaid goods worth 14.740 baht.

As the young woman was 4-month pregnant the store decided to make a deal with the lady and not to pursue the case in court.

Our thoughts: Undeniably a a generous decision by the store's staff and management. To be pregnant in a Thai prison is probably not healthy for a prospective mother or an unborn child. We'll have to hope that the Russian lady has learned her lesson. Newsstop


The Death Toll Reaches 94

The problem of floods is still alarming in Thailand. At least 94 people have been confirmed as dead since October 10. So far, Bangkok has not been heavily affected. Newsstop

dateiconOctober 26, 2010

At Least 56 Dead in Floods in Thailand

At least 56 people have died so far in the devastating floods in Thailand this month. This according to Public Health Minister Jurine Laksanawisit.

Approximately 170 000 people have suffered from more or less serious waterborne diseases, and nearly three million people have been affected to some extent. Newsstop

dateiconOctober 20, 2010

Russian Man Murdered by Russians

A 36-year-old Russian businessman has been murdered by his fellow countrymen in Pattaya. The victim was reported as missing by his mother and the police discovered that someone had been taking out large sums of money from his bank accounts in recent days.

The police tracked down a specific ATM and when two suspicious men showed up, they confronted them. The two men fled the scene and one of them even pulled his gun. The police then shot him with two bullets and he was later taken to hospital.

The second suspect admitted that they had murdered the businessman and that the motive was financial. The suspect could also show the police where they had buried the body. Newsstop


dateiconOctober 19, 2010

Devastating Floods in Thailand

At least seven people have died in what is described as the worst floods in Thailand in fifty years. Worst affected is the province of Nakhon Ratchasima (also known as Khorat) and its surroundings.

The emergency room at the Maharaj Hospital is partially destroyed by flood water. Patients will be flown by C-130 Hercules aircrafts to hospitals in Khon Kaen.

30 alligators have managed to escape from the Si Kew Alligator Farm in Nakhon Ratchasima, as water levels have risen dramatically. Some of the animals is reported to be three meters long.

Hundreds of thousands of Thais are (more or less) affected by flooding, but Vietnam is even harder hit. It has been reported that at least 40 people has died as a result of the floods there. Newsstop

A Fire in "My" Office Building

Five days ago I felt the smell of smoke in the office around lunchtime. I did not think so much about it, as it is common that people are burning debris (including plastic) in Thailand. However, the smell intensified and when I saw that smoke came out from the neighboring office, I jumped up from the office chair and ran out into the hallway to see what the heck was going on.

One of the tables and the chairs in the neighboring office were already on fire and the flames already touched the roof. Help arrived and a brave employee attempted to, despite the nasty smoke, kill the fire with a fire extinguisher. This did not work at all, but fortunately he had a "plan B" which consisted of throwing in a so called Fire Extinguisher Ball on the fire. This ball put out most of the fire with a deafening bang.

The Fire Extinguisher Ball is a Thai invention and I am of course very happy and grateful that these were available and especially for the man's actions and courage.

Minutes later the first fire truck arrived and within half an hour, six fire trucks where on site. As the fire basically had been extinguished, the firemen could focus on throwing out glowing and smoldering objects through the windows. This rapidly decreased the amount of toxic fumes in the building.

Apart from that some of us breathed in some smoke, no one came to harm. However the staff are now cleaning up the offices that were damaged by fire and smoke and the entire office corridor will be restored soon. I have also acted as a cleaner for four days, but is now back behind my iMac and life has pretty much returned to normal.

The incident became the first news in the local newspaper, but fortunately it all ended relatively happily.

More information about the Fire Extinguisher Ball is found here Newsstop

Thai fire extinguisher ball
COULD BE A LIFE SAVER - Photo by: Jens W,

The corridor to be totally renovated after a fire

dateiconOctober 12, 2010

Billionaire's house attacked in Isaan

A Thai billionaire had his Khon Kaen house shot at, Sunday night. The attack was carried out with automatic weapons and a grenade. The billionaire were abroad at the time of the attack.

He and his family have been subjected to serious similar attempts in the past and the motive is believed to be an inheritance dispute, involving several people.

Short facts: Khon Kaen is a province and university town in northeastern Thailand (Isaan). Newsstop

dateiconOctober 10, 2010

Gathered for a Commemoration

Thai "red shirts" gathered today in Bangkok to hold a commemoration and demonstration for their relatives and friends who were killed during riots in April and May. The number of demonstrators was 7000-8000, according to the police. Newsstop

dateiconOctober 8, 2010

Drilling outside Koh Samui Delayed

NuCoastal's plans to drill for natural gas off Koh Samui, Koh Phangan and Koh Tao are likely to be postponed for at least a year.

NuCoastal (Thailand) Co is one of the companies that applied for permits to drill for oil and / or natural gas in this part of the Gulf of Thailand. The plans has angered many of the residents on Samui, Phangan and Tao and a number of protest meetings and demonstrations have been carried out (see previous entries in this blog). Newsstop

New Website about Khao Lak

We have published a web guide about the popular tourist resort of Khao Lak in Phang Nga province. In the guide you will find everything from tips on activities and attractions to accommodation booking services.

Visit the website: Khao Lak Newsstop

Sunset in Khao Lak

dateiconOctober 7, 2010

The Deputy Prime Minister resigns

Thailand's Deputy Prime Minister, Suthep Thaugsuban, will resign from his post tomorrow. Suthep instead intends to represent the Democrats in the by-election in Surat Thani Province.

Surat Thani is situated on the southwest coast of Thailand. The islands of Koh Samui, Koh Phangan and Koh Tao are located in this province. Newsstop

dateiconOctober 6, 2010

Bomb Kills Five in Bang Bua Thong

To date, five have been found dead after a ten kilo TNT bomb exploded in an apartment in Bang Bua Thong, northwest of Bangkok.

According to police, it is likely that the bomb exploded while it was being built. The Thai man who rented the apartment is known to sympathize with the "red shirts" and was wanted by the police even before the explosion. Newsstop

dateiconOctober 2, 2010

HM Sirikit is Recovering in Hospital

HM Queen Sirikit of is recovering at King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital because of earlier symptoms suggesting an irregular heartbeat. After treatment, the heart rhythm was back to normal. King Bhumibol Adulyadej and their daughter, HRH Maha Chakri Sirindhorn, visited the Queen in the hospital.

Our thoughts: We wish The Queen a very speedy recovery! Newsstop

King Bhumibol Adulyadej and Queen Sirikit
THE ROYAL WEDDING 1950 - Photo: Unknown

dateiconOctober 1, 2010

Thailand Popular this Winter (again)

Many popular hotels and resorts is already beginning to be fully booked for the winter, so if you are going on holiday in Thailand between December and March, we recommend you to make your reservation early. Both on flights and accommodation.

We offer hotels with low rates here Newsstop

dateiconSeptember 30, 2010

Norwegian Man Robbed in Pattaya

A 37-year-old Norwegian national, was last night robbed of his valuables, as he walked along Pattaya Beach.

Reportedly, the robbers were young, probably in their teens and armed with a taser. They got away with a gold necklace, an expensive watch, a Sony camera and some cash. The total value of items was about 90.000 baht. Newsstop


dateiconSeptember 28, 2010

We are Rebuilding!

The layout and the design of (and will slowly change during September and October. Our hope is to make it:

1. More clearly arranged and user-friendly.
2. Relatively free from "unnecessary" graphics.
3. More aesthetically pleasing and "better looking".

I regret that this news blog has suffered a little as a result. I will write more frequently in the near future. Newsstop

dateiconSeptember 24, 2010

Tourism is up by Nearly 14% this Year

According to Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), tourism in Thailand has increased by 13.79% in the first seven months of this year, compared with the same period last year. Asians and Russians accounted for the largest increase in the statistics. Newsstop

dateiconSeptember 23, 2010

German with Plasma Cutter Arrested

A 28-year-old German national has been arrested after trying to rob an ATM machine in Nong Bua Lamphu using a plasma cutter. The crime was recorded by a nearby surveillance camera and the man could be arrested.

The man stated that he needed money for a plane ticket back to Germany, and that he wanted to give money to his wife, who intended to open a local grocery store. Newsstop


dateiconSeptember 11, 2010

Thai Naval Vessels Against Pirates

Thailand has sent two warships, with a crew of 380 men, to help fight the Somali pirates in the Indian Ocean. The two ships is to serve for sixty days and assist the international effort against the sea pirates. A number of Thai fishing boats have been attacked by these pirates this year.

Thailand's Defense Minister Prawit Wongsuwan went to the port of Sattahip, to wish good luck to the crew of the two warships. Newsstop


dateiconSeptember 10, 2010

Drugs and Weapons on Boxing Gym

Methamphetamine tablets, known as "yaba", worth almost one million baht, were seized in a crackdown on a boxing camp in Surat Thani yesterday.

Also firearms, gold jewelry, cash and bank books were seized. The camp owners and twelve other people were arrested by the police. The owner confessed to the crimes.

Our thoughts: It is obviously very sad when sports are associated with criminal activity and drugs, because of unscrupulous owners, managers and coaches. Newsstop

Businessman Murdered in Bangkok

A 45-year-old Swedish man was stabbed to death in Bangkok two days ago. The man has lived and worked in Thailand for about 20 years and he spoke Thai fluently and also a few other Asian languages. The man worked at a consulting firm focusing on business advice. The man's Thai wife is suspected of the crime.

Our thoughts: Our sympathies are with the man's relatives and friends. A family tragedy like this is of course very tragic for all involved. Newsstop

Thailand news blog logo
Thailand news blog

dateiconSeptember 9, 2010

High Bank Fees Criticized

The Thai banks are showing record profits and many customers and even some Thai politicians think they raised their fees too much.

The ATM Withdrawal fee of 150 baht, for customers who have cards from foreign banks, has received much criticism. Many believe that this is incompatible with Thailand as a tourist destination. Newsstop

5 Million Visitors

This post could probably be classified as relatively uninteresting for the average person, but I recently discovered that my first website now surpassed 5 million unique visitors. A good reason to "celebrate" with a little Swedish import candy and a good DVD-thriller. Newsstop
KOHSAMUI.ORG DETAIL - Photo and layout by: Jens W,

dateiconSeptember 6, 2010

Thailand's Currency Record-High

The Thai Baht is very strong compared to many other currencies right now. In fact, it is not been this strong in thirteen years. One U.S. dollar is currently equal to 31.10 baht.

There are also disadvantages of a strong currency. The tourism industry is affected, as some people decide not to travel here, or to spend less money on shopping and accommodation. Also the important export industry is likely to suffer. Newsstop


dateiconSeptember 5, 2010

Breaking News

Diesel Spill Heading Towards Phi-Phi

The fuel tanker that sank southeast of Phuket, yesterday, had a cargo of diesel. Unfortunately, diesel fuel leaked out this morning and has drifted eastward. It could affect the area around Phi Phi Island.

Thai Navy helicopters have circled over the area this morning. This to get a clearer picture of the situation to facilitate any further actions.

The Navy then sent a vessel to the location to clean up the site. They have 4000 liters of chemicals for the purpose, provided by PTT (a Thai energy company).

Fortunately, this is considered as a relatively small spill that are not (at all) comparable with the recent oil spill in the Mexican Gulf, etc. According to the Navy, it is unlikely that the nature will be damaged. Newsstop

dateiconSeptember 4, 2010

Breaking News

Oil Tanker Capsized outside Phuket

An oil tanker, Choke Thavorn 6, carrying 40,000 liters of oil has capsized outside Phuket. There was severe weather at the time. The accident occurred about twenty kilometers off Chalong Bay located on the island's southeast coast. The four crew members where rescued and no oil spill has been reported this evening. Newsstop

Serbs Arrested for ATM Robbery

Two Serbian citizens, 44 and 50 years old, has been arrested by the Thai police. The two are accused of robbing an ATM in Rayong at 4.3 million baht, August 27th this year.

Two suspects are still on the run. Those are likely to have crossed the border into Cambodia. Newsstop

dateiconSeptember 3, 2010

All-Time High on the Thai Stock Market

Today the Thai stock index ended with the highest result in 14 years. Also the market capitalization reached a record high seven billion Baht. Newsstop


Marathon held in Koh Samui

On September 19, Princess's Cup - Samui Island Marathon, will be held with Bangkok Airways as the main sponsor. Three million baht will be given out in prize money, which is the largest amount in a Thai marathon, so far.

Participants can choose between four classes and races: marathon, half marathon, quarter marathon and student marathon. Newsstop

The Thaksin Story Continues

Thaksin Shinawatra has made new statements in the newspaper Thai Rath and said:

"People lie about me all the time and if you believe in these lies you should ask yourself if there is something wrong with yourself".

He specifically denied that he was sick and when asked whether he still worked as an advisor to Cambodia, Thaksin answered:

"Not anymore. Let me do something else. I should do something for myself. They stole half of my fortune so I have to do it to feed my children".

Thaksin also said that he wished he would have the opportunity to return to Thailand in the future, but that peace and reconciliation in the country was more important. Newsstop


dateiconSeptember 2, 2010

Yah Dong and Wooden Elephants

Yah dong is made from cheap Thai rice spirit (Lao Khao), flavored with herbs and sometimes other various ingredients intended to strengthen the consumer's health. The drink is considered to possess healing properties, if the dosage and consumption are moderate.

I personally think that Lao Khao tastes rather awful because it is poorly filtered, so I do my herbal spirit with ordinary vodka. It must remain in the bottle (shown below) for a couple of months. Later on I intend to pour it into two 75-centiliter bottles in the office.

The taste? Well, not bad at all! A bit like Jägermeister, which also contains herbs. Are you passing the office and is over 18, feel welcome to try. I can also design logotypes ;-)

Miniature Language School:

• ยาดอง - Yah dong - Fermented herbal spirit

• เหล้าขาว - Lao khao - "White spirits"

• ช้าง - Chaang - Elephant

• ลูกช้าง - Luuk chaang - Calf Elephant

The elephants in the background of the image are carved out an entire piece of wood. I bought them for a few days ago from a good Thai friend who sells Buddhist jewelry, statues and various antiques in Koh Samui. This is his website (in Thai language). Newsstop

Carved wood elephants and a bottle of yadong

Buddha shop in Lamai, Koh Samui
A "BUDDHA SHOP" IN KOH SAMUI - Photo by: Jens W,

Ganesha statue in a Koh Lanta resort

dateiconSeptember 1, 2010

New month - More Posts!

I've had a lot of lots going to do with many different web project in August, so this news blog has been suffering a bit. But from tomorrow, I'll change that. I promise to deliver plenty of current news updates and personal reflections this month.

Below is a picture of my wife who probably is the kindest person in the world and we have now been a couple for nine years. She turned thirty this year, but still look like twenty-two. I am positive she'll love that comment. Newsstop

My wife in a national park

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A Few Words about me

My name is Jens and I was born in the early seventies in Södertälje, Sweden. I traveled for the first time to Thailand in 1989-1990 and already then started to have strong (positive) feelings for the country and it's people. During subsequent trips, it was mainly beach-life and Muay Thai training on the agenda but as time has gone by a strong interest regarding Thailand's history, community and culture has emerged within me. In early 2004, I moved here permanently.

My wife Rawadee is indirectly involved in the writing and contributes with knowledge, facts and inspiration. We try to alternate daily news from the country with our own reflections. The news and blog are illustrated with some photos, both my own and others. I hope you'll find the reading somewhat useful and I am of course open to your comments, suggestions and criticisms.

We are full-time geeks. Jens is working with web development, search engine optimization, graphic design and photography. Rawadee had a computer shop before, but is now also working with web development.

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