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Thailand News - Our News Blog

We Deliver News Directly from Thailand

We are based in Thailand and want to offer a neutral news blog that describes current events in the country. We will be careful not to focus on personal opinions but instead provide factual news directly from Thailand, together with comments. The goal is to be fast, simple and accurate.

dateiconDecember 19, 2010

Christmas in Vietnam

I'm taking some time off and will travel to Ho Chi Minh City over Christmas. I wish you all a Merry Christmas! Newsstop

Prime Minister Abhisit More Popular

Abhisit Vejjajiva is a fairly popular Prime Minister according to the Abac Poll Research Center. In their recent poll 70% of respondents said that Abhisit has been a stronger leader in 2010, compared to previous year.

The Prime Minister also got good marks for characteristics such as honesty, reliability and morality.

Our thoughts: Although Abhisit popularity increased among some Thais, the country is still divided. The Red Shirts are still rallying and calls for national elections, supported by a large percentage of the population.

Muslim separatists have not stopped attacking policemen, soldiers, monks and teachers.

But let's just hope that 2011 will be a good year for the average Thai citizen and for Thailand as a nation, despite the obvious obstacles to overcome. Newsstop

dateiconDecember 18, 2010

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dateiconDecember 12, 2010

Bangkok - Second Cheapest City!

According to the price comparison site Pricerunner, Bangkok is one of the world's cheapest cities. Only Mumbai (in India) was cheaper of 32 compared cities.

Norway's capital Oslo was considered as the most expensive in the Pricerunner's price comparison survey. Newsstop

Bangkok BTS Skytrain

dateiconDecember 11, 2010

Cartoon to Promote Movie Industry

According to the Deputy Minister of Commerce, Alongkorn Ponlaboot, the Thai government will invest US 10 million dollars to co-produce a cartoon series called "Sheldon". The total project cost is estimated at $ 20,000,000.

The aim is to promote Thai film in the world and the cartoon will be distributed in 110 countries worldwide! Newsstop

dateiconDecember 9, 2010

Free Polio Vaccine for Children

The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) and Rotary International have launched a campaign against polio in Thailand. Free vaccine will be offered to children at all government hospitals on December 15th and December 19th.

Thai children under five years of age and foreign children under fifteen years of years will be vaccinated for free. Newsstop

dateiconDecember 7, 2010

Shot while Trying to Rob a Gold Shop

A man was shot today when he was trying to rob a gold shop in the province of Ayutthaya. The black dressed robber tried to steal a number of gold necklaces, but the shop owner pulled his gun (caliber .38), and shot the man.

The wounded man managed to escape without any jewelry. He also left his bag and hat on the counter and the police believe they will be able to identify him shortly. Newsstop


WikiLeaks, Abhisit, Bout and Thaksin

According to the WikiLeaks website, there has been secret discussions between U.S. President Barack Obama and the Prime Minister of Thailand Abhisit Vejjajiva regarding the extradition of the arms dealer Viktor Bout to the United States.

According to WikiLeaks, people linked to Viktor Bout attempted to bribe concerned people in Thailand to prevent his being extradited.

Some recent rumors also claim that the extradition of Bout could be compensated by Thaksin being extradited to Thailand, if he enters US soil.

Abhisit has denied the rumors. Newsstop

dateiconDecember 4, 2010

His Majesty The King turns 83!

A huge procession will take place tomorrow when the Thai King and Father of the Nation, Bhumibol Adulyadej, turns 83. The procession is held on the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok and will include 587 boats and more than 8,000 floating lanterns.

We wish His Majesty the King a very pleasant birthday, and we would like to congratulate all fathers in the country since December 5 is also Father's Day in Thailand. Newsstop

The Thai King, Thai Queen and Elvis Presley

dateiconNovember 26, 2010

Minimum Wage to Increase Slightly

The minimum wage in Bangkok is currently 206 baht per day, equivalent to 7 U.S. dollars a day (!) This amount is proposed to be raised with 10-11 baht according to Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva. Newsstop

dateiconNovember 25, 2010

One Meter Tall Scrap Metal Predator

Now I have a one meter high "Predator" built of scrap metal in the office. Certainly a bit childish but at least I got it for half price (after bargaining and a phone call to the head office) so why not?! Newsstop

Scrap metal statue - Predator
WELDED OF 100% SCRAP METAL - Photo by: Jens W,

The Baht could Strengthen Further

The University of Thai Chamber of Commerce's Economic and Business Forecasting Center predicts that the Thai baht could strengthen further against the dollar (and other currencies) in 2011.

If this becomes reality, both the Thai export industry and tourism industry will probably suffer. A strong baht makes Thai export goods more expensive as well as accommodation, restaurants and tours. Newsstop

Prison Riot in Lopburi

About 200 inmates were involved in a prison riot in Lopburi today. A cell was set on fire, but it has been extinguished by the prison staff. The riot is said to have begun because of confiscated cell phones and because some prisoners were transferred to solitary confinement. Tear gas was used to quell the rioters. Newsstop

dateiconNovember 23, 2010

1,3 Billions to Boost Thailand Tourism

The Department of Tourism is planning to spend 700 million baht to boost the declining tourism in Thailand. The Department has also allocated 607 million baht for other tourism-related purposes. One of these is to improve security for tourists in Thailand. Newsstop


Pretty Meager Selection of Beers

Because of the high taxes on imported alcohol products, the range of beers in the Thai shops are limited. This is my very personal top list of beers that you can buy in Thai convenience stores and supermarkets (such as 7-Eleven and Family Mart):

1. Heineken  StarStarStar
2. Singha  StarStarStar
3. San Miguel  StarStarStar
4. Singha Light  StarStar
5. Chang Light  StarStar
6. Tiger  StarStar
7. Beer Chang  StarStar
8. Asahi  StarStar
9. Archa  StarStar
10. Cheers  Star
11. Leo Red X
12. San Miguel Light Red X

We all have different taste. I'm convinced that many of you don't agree at all on this. Actually, I am most fond of Czech, Belgian and German beers. Such beer is expensive in Thailand, if you can find it at all. Newsstop

dateiconNovember 21, 2010

Thai Athletes Successful in China

Thailand has at the time of writing won 35 medals, including seven gold in the Asian Games in Guangzhou, China. This means that Thailand is now sixth in the medal table. 45 nations are participating and the event is one of the biggest sporting events ever with 42 sports.

The Thai national teams in Taekwondo, Sailing, Sepak takraw and Dragon Boat (!) has been most successful. Also the Thai women's weightlifting team has done relatively well with a silver and a bronze.

Our thoughts: Impressive Thailand! This bodes well for the London Olympics in 614 days. Newsstop


dateiconNovember 20, 2010

The Temple Tragedy

As we reported earlier, a large number of aborted fetuses was found in a temple on Tuesday. The bizarre and tragic figure has now risen to about 2000 bodies.

Authorities said that the incident served as a "wake up call" and this apparent societal problems must be discussed, taken seriously and addressed in future. Newsstop

dateiconNovember 19, 2010

Thai Sentenced to Death in Malaysia

A 26-year-old Thai woman has been sentenced to death by hanging in Malaysia. The woman arrived by plane from Buenos Aires, Argentina, and was arrested shortly after she landed in Malaysia.

The x-ray revealed 98 capsules of cocaine and the woman was arrested. Newsstop

Thailand news blog logo
Thailand news blog

dateiconNovember 17, 2010

I Don't Mind Some Water!

You can have fun anyway. The pictures are from Koh Samui yesterday!

Severe floods in Koh samui, November 2010
WHO NEEDS THE BEACH??! - Photo by: Cord Biggs

On an air bed on a flooded street

Worsen Thai-Russian Ties?

Thailand's decision to extradite Russian arms dealer Viktor Bout to the United States are expected to worsen the diplomatic relations between Thailand and Russia.

Viktor Anatolyevich Bout was extradited to the U.S. yesterday on charges of terrorism. Russia believes that the extradition was illegal under international law. Newsstop

3 Thais Dies from Alcohol. Every Hour!

26.000 Thais dies each year, as a result of their drinking. This is equivalent of three people per hour! One third of these deaths are caused by drunk driving.

Thai authorities is taking this problem seriously. Not least the fact that an increasing number of Thai teenagers consume alcohol. Newsstop


dateiconNovember 16, 2010

Breaking News

Many Dead Fetuses found in Temple

Many bodies of human fetuses has been found in a temple in the district of Bang Kor Laem in Bangkok. The bodies were found in plastic bags close to the morgue in the temple of Wat Phai Ngern. The police have launched an investigation to determine why the children have died and why they are placed there.

Update: The fetuses, currently reported to be at least 348 (!), is believed to come from illegal abortion clinics. Abortion is officially illegal in Thailand except to safe a mother's life or to preserve her health, or if the pregnancy is a result of rape or incest.

In Thailand, people are often cremated in Buddhist temples. It is not uncommon to have associated cold storage rooms where the corpses are placed before the cremation takes place.

One man has so far been arrested in connection with this macabre discovery. He is now questioned by the police in the capital. We will be providing updates as soon as we know more. Newsstop

dateiconNovember 8, 2010

Much Fewer HIV Cases in Phuket

In 2006, 384 cases of HIV were reported in Phuket. During the first ten months this year, "only" 66 cases have been reported.

Our thoughts: This is a very positive development, but it is interesting to speculate about the causes. Are fewer people testing themselves? Has the recent decline in tourism anything to do with this? Has awareness increased among the youth and so-called risk groups (prostitutes and drug addicts, etc.)? Newsstop

Hiv virus

dateiconNovember 7, 2010

If Only the Very Best will Do

W Hotel, an American luxury hotel chain (and a subsidiary of Starwood Hotels, which also owns the famous Sheraton) has now opened its first hotel in Southeast Asia. It's situated on the tropical island of Koh Samui, in south-eastern Thailand.

The resort is located in Maenam and offer all the comforts one would expect from a luxury resort in this price range. W Retreat is one of the most exclusive hotels in the island and the prices indicate that. The room rates are 24.000 up to 176.000 baht per night! Maybe not the choice of "the common people", so to speak. Newsstop

Interior in a luxury hotel room

dateiconNovember 5, 2010

Thanks to All Generous People!

Japan has donated about 6 million baht to Thailand due to the floods and the Thai Royal Family has been contributing millions of baht almost daily. Also many, many individuals in Thailand have helped with very generous sums of money.

One example out of thousands is Roger, who earlier won a 6000 baht price from this website (, but he insisted on donating all the money to the victims. Thanks Roger!

Unfortunately, the death toll is rising from day to day. 140 people are confirmed dead so far. This figure is expected to rise sharply as the relief effort in the southern provinces has just begun. Fortunately, the heavy rain has stopped for now.

For those who are in Thailand and want to help those affected, you're welcome to use the following bank account number: 014-3-003689. It's the Thai TV station Channel 3, who are organizing this specific effort. Newsstop

dateiconNovember 4, 2010

Twice as Many Visitors

For some reason (perhaps a higher placement in Google), the number of visitors to the blog has doubled recently. Welcome here, by the way! Anyhow, I will raise the level of ambition a little and:

1. Update more frequently with more news, but also publish more pictures and videos related to the posts.

2. Focus a little more on tourism-related news and reviews. I will occasionally recommend restaurants, hotels, clubs, shopping malls, markets and so on. I have previously focused a lot on crime and various calamities, just as most news sources and agencies. Newsstop

Damages for Billions of Baht

Kasikorn Research Centre estimates the cost of damage, incurred during the flooding in Thailand, between 32-54 billion baht.

122 people have died so far as a result of last month's floods in the country. Newsstop

dateiconNovember 3, 2010

Also Southern Thailand Flooded

Now, even the south of Thailand got hit by excessive rain and flooding. It has been raining an awful lot the last two days and the provinces of Surat Thani, Nakhon Si Thammarat and Songkhla have experienced and measured rainfall records.

Unfortunately, the water has also claimed several lives and thousands of homes have been damaged or destroyed. Especially the city (and district) of Hat Yai, has been almost completely submerged in water. Some cars have been buried in water and people have been seen swimming in the streets to take shelter on the rooftops. Some areas are only accessible by boat.

The heavy rain also affected Koh Samui and its neighboring islands. Many of the roads on Chaweng Beach is currently considered as rivers with up to one meter deep water and the Ring Road has partly collapsed in two places. The flights and ferries to and from Samui were canceled, but are now operating again.

At least 108 people have died so far from the floods in Thailand. Our thoughts are with all who have been affected and hope the rain will stop or decrease in intensity. Newsstop

Koh Samui floods, November 2010
FLOODINGS IN SAMUI, NOVEMBER 2010 - Photo by: Christer

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A Few Words about me

My name is Jens and I was born in the early seventies in Södertälje, Sweden. I traveled for the first time to Thailand in 1989-1990 and already then started to have strong (positive) feelings for the country and it's people. During subsequent trips, it was mainly beach-life and Muay Thai training on the agenda but as time has gone by a strong interest regarding Thailand's history, community and culture has emerged within me. In early 2004, I moved here permanently.

My wife Rawadee is indirectly involved in the writing and contributes with knowledge, facts and inspiration. We try to alternate daily news from the country with our own reflections. The news and blog are illustrated with some photos, both my own and others. I hope you'll find the reading somewhat useful and I am of course open to your comments, suggestions and criticisms.

We are full-time geeks. Jens is working with web development, search engine optimization, graphic design and photography. Rawadee had a computer shop before, but is now also working with web development.

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